Discover La Spezia

La Spezia in recent years large ships arrive with cruises disembarking hundreds of people bound for Cinque Terre, Portovenere and Lerici.

The main things to see are:

St. George's Castle

The Naval Technical Museum

Via del Prione, the Carugio Drito

Amedeo Lia Civic Museum

The Marketplace

Steps of Spice

Verdi Square

Tahon de Revel Bridge

The park of the Walls

Villa Nina is located near the center of the city , the municipal stadium, the railway station and the embarkations forle 5 terre.

The recommended places near the facility are L'Inferno where you can eat typical local dishes ,Akua at Porto Mirabello local where you can eat fish dishes, Pizzeria Settimo Cielo where in addition to a good pizza you can enjoy a breathtaking view.